vSphere Hardening (Updated with General Availability)


One of the more solid cases in the VMware vs Hyper-V arguments is the ‘footprint’ of the hypervisor, VMware wins in terms of sizing and claims a massive advantage in being Linux based with a smaller attack surface.  However, this is often taken as an excuse by admins to leave a default configuration on hosts and within the vSphere components used to make up a virtualisation solution.  VMware have made things a little easier for those concerned that vulnerability in even a single host can mean chaos for your virtual environment, they have now release an updated hardening guide for the following components:

  • Virtual Machines
  • ESXi hosts
  • Virtual Network
  • vCenter Server plus its database and clients.
  • vCenter Web Client
  • vCenter SSO Server
  • vCenter Virtual Appliance (VCSA) specific guidance
  • vCenter Update Manager

To directly download the guide you can use this link and this one for the change log.

VMware Blog Details Here

Thanks to Mike Foley for confirming the version status of the document being published


2 thoughts on “vSphere Hardening (Updated with General Availability)”

  1. The release you linked to is NOT the GA version of the 5.5 Hardening Guide. It’s the Release Candidate. While close, there will be a couple of changes between this and the GA.


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