VMware Virtual SAN Beta Available

VMware has released the beta of Virtual SAN,

Full text taken from this post is below:

The VMware Virtual SAN™ beta is available now for download. To claim your copy, visit the VMware Virtual SAN Community page. Our VMware Virtual SAN Community is for MyVMware members only — to gain access, see steps at bottom of this email.*

Share Your Experience

We seek your feedback, positive or negative, about the VMware Virtual SAN Beta. Give feedback and ask questions via the discussion threads on the VMware Virtual SAN Community page. Get answers fast from our product experts.

Be sure to see the How-To Videos, Interactive Demos, Product Documentation, and FAQs that are also available at the VMware Virtual SAN Community.

Rewards for VMware Virtual SAN Community Members

We value your feedback! Take part in raffles and contests that reward engaged users in our VMware Virtual SAN Community. Enjoy giveaways such as iPads, Amazon gift cards and more. Stay tuned to the VMware Virtual SAN Community for more details.

Webinar: How to Install, Configure and Manage VMware Virtual SAN

Save time and gain valuable insight from our Senior Technical Marketing Architect, Cormac Hogan.  Webinar date:Wednesday, 2 October at 8:30 am PST. Link to the webinar will be available on the community’s website.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to your feedback regarding the VMware Virtual SAN Beta from VMware.

The VMware Virtual SAN Team
Chat with us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VMwareVSAN
Contact us: vsanbeta@vmware.com

* How to access the VMware Virtual SAN Beta community website

  1. Register for a My VMware account here (If you already have one skip to next step).
  2. Sign the terms of use here.
  3. Access the VMware Virtual SAN Community page.
  4. Bookmark that link so you can return and participate in our VMware Virtual SAN Community

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