VMware Begins RAM Model Charm Offensive

It must be difficult for VMware, a market leader in the field, no-one really near them to offer strong competition – so they plough ahead anyway, bring some amazing innovation (see the new vSphere Web Client Post) and all everyone is talking about is the new licensing model!

Well they must’ve predicted this coming, but they are beginning the official responses and charm offensive by slipping the odd clarification and blog post out.  The latest is ‘Understanding the License Model’, ahhh, so that’s it – not that people are worried it will cost more, just we don’t ‘understand’, the blog entry is linked below:


Personally I have mixed feelings on this, I am as frustrated as everyone else and It’s likely we will be hit with between 30-50% higher numbers of licences with this change, but some of the innovation it brings will reduce administrative overhead, make the environment cleaner and more easy to manage and is more aligned to being a ‘Private Cloud’ provider.  Also, there was a storm coming anyway when we tripped over the ‘8 Cores in a Processor’ mark which is likely to be within the next 12-24 months anyway.  That would’ve seriously held back some providers from investing in 10 or 12 core processors, which would’ve forced hardware vendors to engineer around the software offerings – which wouldn’t be a great place to be.

On one hand frustrated, on the other understanding, if you have a great product then you have an opportunity to charge a premium for it – I cannot see too much business lost to Citrix or Microsoft as a direct result of this, I honestly can’t, why would you move your technology backwards 2-3 years to avoid a comparatively small increase in Capital Expenditure charging (comparative to the cost of running the environments in the first place).  I would advise anyone of making the change to think hard about the Operational Expenditure and migration costs before they make a rash decision.

AND to respond to a few comments, I am also a consultant in Hyper-V technologies, my comments are not born out of bias towards VMware – they come from a working knowledge it is a superior product.  If you want proof- check out what product Microsoft always uses in their competitor analysis media – ESXi3.0 – that speaks volumes (Source).

(This doesn’t mean Hyper-V should be ignored btw – give it another 2-3 releases and we may see the products on par)


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