VMware vSphere 5– Editions

Versions – Bye Bye ‘Advanced’

VMware have simplified the versions of vSphere in version 5 slightly, gone is the Advanced edition (upgraders skip straight to Enterprise – may be worth getting as many Advanced Licences as you can now!).

Essentials Kits

VMware have retained the Essentials Kits – which will be a relief to a lot of our SME and Education clients and those SKU’s retain the model of ‘up to 6 processors’ and ‘up to 2 processors per host’, they have a vRAM entitlement of 24GB per processor, which automatically means a Pooled vRAM Entitlement of 144GB of vRAM allocated to virtual machines. (See this post if the above seems like gibberish to you).

The differences between Essentials and Essentials PLUS remain the same (essentials gives you a vCenter and the vStorage API to backup running VMs, Essentials PLUS adds HA, DRS and vSphere Data Recovery).

VMware also continue to provide the Essentials Kit for Retail and Branch Offices – little used and little cared for!

Regular SKU’s

Aside from the removal of the little-used ‘Advanced’ SKU, things have not changed massively in the regular product SKU’s.  We are now reduced to a simpler provision of Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise PLUS.  Ent PLUS now becomes the default offering for the Cloud provider to take advantage of new vSphere 5 features of Auto Deploy, Storage DRS and Policy-Driven Storage and for the new feature in VMware v8 VM’s of 32 way processors.

The table below illustrates the high level differences and the RRP against each SKU:


Acceleration Kits

Think ‘Essentials’ for Grown Ups!

Acceleration Kits are a neat way to convert enterprise customers to VMware at a good starting price-point, essentially they offer a very aggressively packaged collection of CPU licences to commence an installation in organisations that STILL have no VMware environment (we know, there are still some strange folk out there, perhaps they’ve been playing with that Hyper-V rubbish!).  Anyway, procured intelligently, these can save a LOT of money when aligned with the right hardware.  An overview table is included below:



Finally on this subject is upgrading from vSphere 4-5, there is a very simple map between the product versions that can be seen in the diagram below:


Entitled to an upgrade are all users with support on licenses at the time of GA (General Availability) of vSphere 5 – there is no official word on GA at present, but VMworld 2011 is happening on 29th August in Vegas – wouldn’t that be a great place to launch!


More Details on Licensing Pricing and Packaging Can be Found at THIS VMware Whitepaper

For Upgraders also visit the following URL – http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/upgrade-center/licensing.html


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