Exchange 2010 SP1 Info


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A first look at what’s coming later this year in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1):

SP1 will include fixes and tweaks in areas you’ve helped us identify, including a roll-up of the roll-ups we’ve released to date. I also wanted to flag some of the feature enhancements we’re excited to bring to you with SP1 including: archiving and discovery enhancements, Outlook Web App (OWA) improvements, mobile user and management improvements, and some highly sought after additional UI for management tasks. This is not an all-inclusive list, so stay tuned for the detailed list coming soon!

In addition to sharing these details with you, I’m pleased to let you know that we’ll be offering a beta of SP1 for download in parallel with TechEd North America this June. This will give you a chance to test drive SP1 and prepare for its official release.

Archiving and Discovery Enhancements

· Adding the flexibility to provision a user’s Personal Archive to a different mailbox database from their primary mailbox. Organizations can now more easily implement separate storage strategies (or tiered storage) for less frequently accessed e-mail.

· New server side capabilities so customer can import historical e-mail data from .PSTs files, directly into Exchange, as well as IT pro controls to enable delegate access to a user’s Personal Archive.

· Updates to the Exchange Management Console with new tools to create Retention Policy Tags, to automate the deletion and archiving of e-mail and other Exchange items. New optional Retention Policy Tags give even more flexibility in defining an organizations retention management strategy.

· Improvements to the Multi-Mailbox Search features, which can be used to conduct e-Discovery of e-mail for legal, regulatory or other reasons.

· Support for access to a user’s personal archive with Outlook 2007.

Outlook Web App

· New work to pre-fetch message content, the OWA reading experience becomes faster.  With delete, mark as read, and categorize operations running asynchronously, these actions feel instantaneous to the user.

· A number of other UI improvements helping make it easier to find common tasks with updated action icons and menus.  The simpler UI will make OWA much friendlier to the smaller screens of ever popular Netbooks.  Users will also be able to share their calendars to anonymous viewers via the web, assuming you enable this functionality as the admin.

· Capability to add Web Ready Document Viewing of IRM-protected documents and you’ll be able to do so in Safari on a Mac as well as in Firefox or IE on a PC.

· Bringing OWA themes back; adding several OWA themes so you can match the OWA experience to your particular style.


In SP1, mobile users will be treated with tether-free IRM support in EAS, enabling them to send and receive IRM-protected mail without having previously connected their devices to Windows Mobile Device Center to provision IRM.  Updated EAS capabilities also enable support for send-as, support for notifying the user if they have been placed on block or quarantine by their admin, full implementation of conversation view including the ability to sync only unique parts of messages.

New Management UI

SP1 will bring several new management UI enhancements to enable a number of management tasks in the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and Exchange Control Panel (ECP).\

  • Create/configure Retention Tags + Retention Policies in EMC
  • Configure Transport Rules in ECP
  • Configure Journal Rules in ECP
  • Configure MailTips in ECP
  • Provision and configure the Personal Archive in ECP
  • Configure Litigation Hold in ECP & EMC
  • Configure Allow/Block/Quarantine mobile device policies in ECP
  • RBAC role management in ECP
  • Configure Database Availability Group (DAG) IP Addresses and Alternate Witness Server in EMC
  • Recursive public folder settings management (including permissions) in EMC

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    You Had Me At EHLO…  Yes Virginia, there is an Exchange Server 2010 SP1

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