SharePoint 2010 in under a minute

A quick guide to the important information about SharePoint 2010.


MOSS is dead, it is no more. There are now two principle versions of SharePoint:-

MOSS 2007 maps to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or ‘SharePoint 2010’

WSS 3.0 maps to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 or ‘SharePoint Foundation 2010’

MOSS for Search maps to Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint


Suffixing some of the product versions is the phrases ‘for Internet Sites’ and ‘For Internet Business’ and also Standard and Enterprise.

These suffixes relate to the way in which the products are licensed and the SKUs more than the specific functions, details will be released soon.

64Bit Only!

Like Exchange 2010, SQL 2010 and most other server based products being released in 2010, SharePoint is now a 64Bit only platform.

The Beta

The Beta is to be released alongside the public beta of Microsoft Office 2010 in the next 6 weeks


Microsoft has a new technet site for SharePoint 2010 full on info at the following URL;

Check back at my blog or the Microsoft sites for further information


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